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Card Misprint Help

Card Misprint Help
I have been going through my childhood baseball card collection and cataloging it. I ran across a card today that has a blank front. It is just solid black on the front of the card like it was primed, but never printed. It is from the 1999 Topps set #452, and is supposed to have Rodriguez, Nomar, and Jeter on it.
A quick google search has come up empty on whether this was a common error. Is anyone familiar with this misprint, and does it have any value?

Slight correction. This does not appear to actually be #452 as I found that card in my collection. It is just something very similar. I have attached a picture to show. Any help would be much appreciated.

I have updated pictures to include the card I thought it was, and a clearer front and back picture of the card in question.

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