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Frustrated with the collecting choices I have made (long read)

RE: Frustrated with the collecting choices I have made (long read)
(03-03-2015, 06:47 PM)natejeffries Wrote: Let you down?

How about he let himself down, his team down and his family down.

But he is only directly hurting himself.

He didn't assault anybody or rape anybody.

He is not accused of taking PED's.

This guy has personal addiction problems that he has to overcome for himself not for you.

His personal health and well being should be of concern to you if you actually care about him and root for him as a player.

That Home Run Derby performance didn't disappear from history.

If you were collecting him as an investment, that's a risk that you take with any player.

Any one of these guys can break their shoulder, ruin their knee, or pull a hamstring and end their careers.

But they don't owe you and they aren't letting you down.

Yes, let "him" down. He has every right to feel let down. He invested in him emotionally as well as financially (not to mention what his times worth) and the man's demons overcame him. It's not a slight to the player to be let down, its a reaction based on believing in him. As you mentioned, the man did this to himself and while I really do feel for him, he did let down his teammates, fans and collectors. He signed on the dotted line and agreed to take his salary which the fans pay for. That contract to me means you'll do your absolute best to represent your organization. While it doesn't make me think any less of Mr. Hamilton I believe people do have the right to feel let down.

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