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Back Trading (Scans in Every Price Range)
Now that I'm back in town, have cleaned up my org and am no longer waiting for thousands of dollars worth of stuff to show up, I've marked my stuff FT once again. Please send me open offers for what you like, as there's far more than what's in this thread available, though you can always just post what you like in the thread too. Cheers.

Lower End (Below $30 BV)
[Image: 14teheran-L.jpg]
[Image: 11cruz-1-L.jpg]
[Image: 09seager-L.jpg]
[Image: 04kell-L.jpg]
[Image: 04morris_zps830c0c9b-L.jpg]
[Image: 07tulowitzki2-L.jpg]
[Image: 09pence-L.jpg]
[Image: 10scherzer-L.jpg]
[Image: 11rendon-L.jpg]
[Image: 12rose-L.jpg]

Low-Mid Range ($30-$50 BV)
[Image: 14carlton-L.jpg]
[Image: 07hamels-L.jpg]
[Image: 98rizzuto-L.jpg]
[Image: 09snider-L.jpg]
[Image: 08longoria-1-1-1-L.jpg]
[Image: 10donaldson_zps1b87006f-L.jpg]
[Image: 12winfield-L.jpg]
[Image: 11upton-L.jpg]
[Image: 12wacha3-L.jpg]
[Image: 12fielder2-L.jpg]

Mid-High Range (Between $50 and $100 BV)
[Image: 05ortiz-L.jpg]
[Image: 07griffey-L.jpg]
[Image: 14hartnettwilson-L.jpg]
[Image: 11hernandez-L.jpg]
[Image: 10goldschmidt2-1-L.jpg]
[Image: 11castro-L.jpg]
[Image: 13profar-L.jpg]
[Image: 12longoria-1-L.jpg]
[Image: 13ryu-L.jpg]
[Image: 13fernandez-L.jpg]

High End ($100 & more BV)
[Image: 05ryan-L.jpg]
[Image: 14thomas-L.jpg]
[Image: 14puig-L.jpg]
[Image: 14minor-L.jpg]
[Image: 14abreu3-L.jpg]
[Image: 13posey-L.jpg]
[Image: 09ruth-L.jpg]
[Image: 05sandbergboggs-1-1-1-L.jpg]
[Image: 13harper-L.jpg]
[Image: 13sandbergbanksjenkins-L.jpg]
Trading for cut autos of baseball HOFers, autos of current and future Cleveland Indians (esp. B. Bradley, N. Jones, Kluber, Lindor, Mejia & Zimmer) & autos of Cleveland Browns. Top PC Wants: Brett Favre auto.

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Back Trading (Scans in Every Price Range) - by roger rabbit - 02-28-2015, 02:17 PM

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