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Scans of trades so far this month (the highlights)

RE: Scans of trades so far this month (the highlights)
(03-23-2015, 04:39 PM)Hofcollector Wrote: Thank you very much to a couple of gentlemen I the great state of Wisconsin. First off a big thank you to kelbysdaddy beautiful patch he let out of his pc and triple auto. Much appreciated. Secondly, thanks once again to my buddy Aaron (aprirr) for another great trade. He sent me an auto as an extra which I can only assume came out of his pc. Thank you very much for my first Lucroy Aaron. That's way beyond necessary. Of course I feel like a total tool box now because I can't remember if I sent you an extra.

Man, you have outdone yourself with the extras our last few trades. This one was a testament to how great my kid is. I always discuss all trades with the kid and usually she could care less unless Lucroy is involved. I was at a loss as to what to send you and she, knowing how much help you have been in our (really my) HOF auto PC, went into the safe and pulled that Luc out. I couldn't believe it! I am a pretty lucky guy when it comes to the great people on this site and my awesome, thoughtful kid!
Collecting Robin Yount, Brewers Topps parallels, Brewers autos and Jonathan Lucroy in a Brewers uni.

Lucroy Brewers Collection : 588/595 non 1/1's (98.8%) and 63 1/1's

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