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A few cards to trade toward CP3 (Multisport)

A few cards to trade toward CP3 (Multisport)
Just started collecting CP3 so Ive gotten rid of everything else. These are the last of what was my collection, looking to move it toward more cp3 stuff. Lmk if you see anything you like!

[Image: 20141114_144837.jpg]

[Image: 20141114_144849.jpg]
[Image: 20141114_144857.jpg]

[Image: 20141114_144935.jpg]

A couple in person autos: Both are guaranteed authentic, the Ozzie I got myself at a live signing at the lcs and the Bonds was professionally authenticated but I recently lost the slip.

[Image: 20141114_144927.jpg]
[Image: 20141114_144911.jpg]

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A few cards to trade toward CP3 (Multisport) - by rbury - 11-14-2014, 06:15 PM

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