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Dealing with members with zero posts or by TRADE MESSAGE

Dealing with members with zero posts or by TRADE MESSAGE
Although there are reputable members who only trade by PM, the trade system messages and/or have zero posts, they are the minority. Please do your due diligence when trading with members who use the above.....I have seen a huge uptick in bad trades where members have zero posts or get a trade offer. A lot of these are banned members who create 2nd accounts and never post so they will not be discovered or sometimes are able to trade but not post. At the very least search that member to see if BANNED is under their username.

Search that username and see if they have a MSF or even a banned tag. To be safe, once again I will be more than happy to check addresses against known bad traders for you....just PM me the info.

I want to assure you that we are closing the loophole that has been allowing banned members to continue to trade thru organize and PM thru trades when neccessary. Some times I may open that feature after a ban if the member is assuring me he will make good on trades. That way he can access the invoices and communicate with those he needs to.

I need you to do your part in helping to cut down on bad trades by checking out who you are trading with, checking for banned or MSF

This is still happening and members are getting ripped off in a lot of cases. Please check the looking for thread and run an address by me first when dealing with new members.

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Dealing with members with zero posts or by TRADE MESSAGE - by floydtown - 12-06-2013, 08:56 PM

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