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FREE CARDS - Gift Thread (UPDATED 8/3/2014)

RE: FREE CARDS - Gift Thread (UPDATED 8/3/2014)
Ok, guys! Sorry for the absence. I have updated the thread with all your wants. If you have someone you'd like to send cards to, please PM me. Even if you've done it recently, please do so again so that I know you still want to send cards to those people. Thanks again for being a part of this and I hope you get something you like really soon!
PC Card Totals:

Manny Machado - 395
Jonathan Schoop - 223
Chance Sisco - 11

Always looking for more of these guys! Let's trade!

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RE: FREE CARDS - Gift Thread (UPDATED 8/3/2014) - by sfreinker - 08-03-2014, 06:59 AM

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