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1 Jumbo Prizm and 1 pack Museum

1 Jumbo Prizm and 1 pack Museum
I have avoided 2013 FB at all cost this season because of the RC Class, but I broke down and busted something, I wish I hadn't. All are for trade but not yet in my org. If you want something shoot me a PM and I will add it. I'm really looking for Dallas Stars or Seattle Mariners in return, but I will entertain offers otherwise.

Rogers Auto, Jennings Die Cut 12/15, Trufant Prizm Auto 70/99, Cook Black Auto 7/20, Bray Auto, Davis RC, Te'o RC, Bell Jumbo Swatch 63/75
[Image: PrizmampTopps.jpg]
Last Chance Willie

[Image: vkqcf.png]

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1 Jumbo Prizm and 1 pack Museum - by last chance willie - 04-03-2014, 06:28 AM

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