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Autographed card missing the autograph

RE: Autographed card missing the autograph
just have to chuckle a bit....OP has a grand total of 2 posts and both are the exact same thing with a SLIGHTLY different title (the other post has the player name in the title as opposed to the generic title for this one) posted 9 minutes apart......one would think someone who waited 3 years to complain about an missing autograph would have enough patience to wait more than 9 minutes to get a reply to a question....
I collect almost anyone else with ties to the state of South Carolina (especially ANY SC Gamec0cks) , + most parallels and rare 90's inserts
check out my site for tons of wantlists : claude's card corner

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RE: Autographed card missing the autograph - by cmcjr99 - 03-25-2014, 04:20 AM

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