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looking for phil pressey and others

looking for phil pressey and others

i am looking for cards of former missouri tigers.

phil pressey (celtics)
demarre carroll (grizz,jazz,hawks)
leo lyons (spurs i believe)
linas kleiza (raptors,nuggets)
kim english (was with pistons)
tony mitchell (pistons)

mainly baseball football collector also have some hockey. no basketball really. sorry.
collect:pujols, trout,Salvador Perez,Jeter (rcs)

shipping: please have the respect of packaging the cards were they will not get damged. shipping cards in between toploaders when they are higher end cards is not acceptable. i will not ship cards like that to you so please do not ship them to me like that.

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looking for phil pressey and others - by 908 - 12-28-2013, 02:55 PM

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