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2013 Baseball Free Card Thread
08-06-2013, 06:31 PM (This post was last modified: 09-21-2013 07:56 PM by Phillies_Joe.)
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2013 Baseball Free Card Thread

Basically, we all have some extra cards lying around, why not get them in the hands of someone who might like or need them? Doesn't have to be anything special nor in quantity, just some stuff you do not need that you can / want to pass along to someone on the list.

Here is the process: if you are interested in sending, please pm me your name and full address (I will not go back into trades looking for addresses) along with what you would be interested in receiving if someone has something to send. (include your kids as well!!!) Please list player/s, team/s, card types or products that you collect. (please do not be a pig with your list (LOL)!). I will be compiling a list which will end up getting attached here so everyone knows who wants what. Also know going in...if you are requesting high end stuff or hard to get items, don't be suprised or upset if what may come your way is minimal. Again, this is about sending stuff out more than about what you can get.

Review the list, and please pm me with name/s you want to send to and I'll foward the address to you. You will be asked to send with acknowledgement of receipt before you get on the "receive" list after the kick-off. I do ask that when you send, please let the person you are sending to know who you are so they can acknowledge your good deed! I will ask that everyone please post when you receive and from whom in this thread (scans of your goodies are more then welcome and would be appreciated).two but not send.

Any and all questions or concerns, please post them here...do not pm me as I will just delete it (I've been forwarned about the amount of pm's and would like to keep my mailbox tidy). Again, this is for fun, and there is no guarantee that you will get anything nor is there any expectation that if you send something to someone, they must or will send something to you.

Ryne Sandberg - rob024420
Paul Goldschmidt - ryanmo5, Bill Menard
Patrick Corbin - ryanmo5
Ken Griffey Jr - ryanmo5
Brett Lawrie - Neifert
Jim Edmonds (Cardinals uniform) - jniere15
Gary Carter - djohn
Ivan Rodriguez - djohn
Nolan Ryan - brandonstubblefield , GoNoles
Mickey Mantle (Rookies) - DrMitchJ
Pedroia - Bill Menard
Ortiz - Bill Menard
Harper - Bill Menard
Strasburg - Bill Menard
Markakis - Bill Menard
Derek Jeter - soey10 (supercollector), Totally Sports
Cal Ripken - alfredoleal2001
Andres Galarraga - alfredoleal2001
Alex Gordon - cross4444
Don Mattingly - Ellimist, DrMitchJ
Hunter Pence - rob024420
Ian Kinsler - rob024420
Brandon Belt - JRMdawg 311
Josh Donaldson - JRMdawg 311
Grady Sizemore - JRMdawg 311
Omar Vizquel - JRMdawg 311
Scott Olsen - miltschmidt15
A.J. Jimenez - miltschmidt15
Alberto Tirado - miltschmidt15
Robert Andino - miltschmidt15
Jason Kipnis - JamesMichael32
Carlos Santana - JamesMichael32
Albert Belle (Indians Uniform only) - JamesMichael32
Pat Burrell - amster82
Mike Schmidt - amster82
Mike Trout - mrhurtado17
Y Puig - mrhurtado17
JB Shuck - mrhurtado17
Pete Rose - '60s, '70s and 2009-> present - mrhurtado17
Darvish - GoNoles

A's - JRMdawg 311
Cardinals - Neifert
Diamondbacks - ryanmo5, Bill Menard(son)
Dodgers - Totally Sports, minitracer, mrhurtado17
Giants - JRMdawg 311
Houston Colt 45s - brandonstubblefield
Nationals - Bill Menard
Orioles - Bill Menard (son)
Phillies - alfredoleal2001, phillies_joe
Redsox - Bill Menard , minitracer
Tigers - swjrp10 , rmpaq5
White Sox - Totally Sports (youngster he gives cards to)
Yankees - swjrp10, DrMitchJ, soey10
Indians - JamesMichael32
Angels - mrhurtado17

2013 topps opening day inserts - collector1974
2013 topps heritage - collector1974
1980s and 90s OpeeChee cards - rmpaq5
2011 Topps Update Diamond Anniversary - djohn
Bowman Chrome Autograph sets from 2001-2013 - Bill Menard
1975 Topps (regardless of condition) - cross4444
2011 Allen & Ginter - minitracer
Topps 86-87-89 & 90-91-92-93-94 - alfredoleal2001

HOFs (Vintage, Relics, Autos) - swjrp10
Anything pre-1980 - Ellimist
Any Printing Plates - Racinghy
Prospect Autos - JamesMichael32
Phillies RCs - amster82

[Image: phillies_zps8d7d2990.jpg]
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