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Must send First

RE: Must send First
(06-09-2013, 08:33 PM)shezdoni Wrote: Don't know which Mod removed it, but they need to put it back up, if for no other reason then the attitude you had with the members that you took 3 months to ship too.....

Being in the Military is no excuse for not shipping your end when you agree too, there are many other members here that are in the military, and few of them are in active duty stations, and they get their ends sent out when they say they will, so why can't you?

If your able to log on here, and agree to trades, then your doggone able to send out when you agree to send out, No excuses.........

And as far as you being an MSF trader, my recommendation is that you must be made to ship first......

Your perfect and we all know it but cut the guy a break. He had to work hard to get that back so congratulate him and let him have his second chance.

My lord, why does someone always have to do this garbage.

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