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Card grading?

RE: Card grading?
generally speaking as a buyer:

if the seller is competent with their attention to detail, and providing accurate edtails, descriptions and nice high res photos of the front/back of the card and appear to make every effort to denote any imperfections on a card I am after if its a more rare/nicer one....... I'd then prefer it to be raw/ungraded

in a situation where I can't really easily tell the condition of the card, and the seller either is unsure or not confident in being able to visually describe the card.- it being graded might help but usually for me personally---raw all the way as I'm not trying to pay a premium for it being graded - so long as I can see the condition is what they say it is.

as a seller:
if you are positive your card will grade out at a high grade and is something that you know people would definitely have an interest in- I'd grade the card. for modern cards such as that one...if you were confident it would grade out to a BGS 9.5 - I'd grade it if my intent was to sell it. anything under a 9.5 and I'd keep it raw, post nice photos/descriptions and sell it that way.
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