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Unbelievable Mail
02-08-2013, 01:41 PM (This post was last modified: 02-08-2013 01:41 PM by rayeates.)
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Unbelievable Mail
Good day, Beckett Community!

I don't usually post two maildays in one day.
But when I do, it's UNREAL!!!

My trades with Ashley (alto4life) and Eddie (katykeed) came in today, and I can say that I garnered WAY more than I was expecting! First off from Ashley:

2012-13 Artifacts Treasured Swatches Emerald-Ray Bourque #9/36

[Image: img181_zps87bee3fe.jpg]

The patch on this is very nice, and I love the yellow jerseys! Thanks for another perfect one, Ash! The trade from Eddie was a huge one, and I can say extremely welcomed. He hit a card that I thought I would never get my hands on, and was expecting my Trade Offer when I sent it in. Haha! Anyway, we worked out a trade for far more than the card I was initially interested in, and I snared some amazing autos and another sick PC card!

Now... I emphasize securing cards in the bubble mailer so that the member you are trading with receives them in the best possible condition. Or, at least I thought that I did...

[Image: img176_zps31d2ed45.jpg]

Bahahahahahaha! It took me a while to get the cards out of that! Thanks for the great security, Eddie! On to the cards:

2000-01 Upper Deck Epic Signature-Brett Hull and Stan Mikita

[Image: img183_zpsd0124244.jpg][Image: img182_zps49aa2eaa.jpg]

2005-06 Ultimate Collection Ultimate Signatures-Bernie Parent

[Image: img180_zpsa1fe0a35.jpg]

Staal Brothers PC:

2011-12 Titanium Game-Worn Gear Prime Auto-Jordan Staal #18/25

[Image: img177_zps1a08cb5d.jpg]

And the HUGE hit in the bunch! I mean huge too... it's about a 230pt card!!! Haha!

2012-13 SP Game Used Authentic Fabrics Fives Jarolav Halak/ And The Rest Don't Matter #4/9!!!!

[Image: img179_zpsc570a931.jpg][Image: img178_zps28fdd831.jpg]

They could have put any other patch below Halak's picture and nobody would have noticed... but nope! Straight blue! Haha! I love this card! Thank you folks for the simply AMAZING trades! Best wishes, Beckett Community!

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