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Tons of new RCs FT 01-12 $5-$20 Ref Autos and More
02-02-2013, 04:20 PM (This post was last modified: 02-02-2013 04:31 PM by toddaray.)
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Tons of new RCs FT 01-12 $5-$20 Ref Autos and More
All of these for trade in organize. Looking to finish up on my 2012 stuff first and formost. Then looking mainly for Jeter. Also considering 2013 topps inserts.

Open offers work best! If something is not listed, I apologize, it should be.

[Image: VenditteBCau_zps64ebf2fd.jpg]
[Image: Tomlintopps60auto_zps52e82bc4.jpg]
[Image: posadarelic_zps151a486e.jpg]
[Image: porcelloautoelite_zps98d63fe4.jpg]
[Image: PerezBBauto_zps6eb07fdd.jpg]
[Image: hughesrelic_zps51e35565.jpg]
[Image: chapmanautoBC_zps07711385.jpg]
[Image: armandoTCRCauto_zpsbb113bfa.jpg]
[Image: JerterSepia75.jpg]
[Image: JlowrieGinterrelic.jpg]
[Image: wei_zps1b0b4dd5.jpg]
[Image: weiginter_zps536bc3ea.jpg]
[Image: weichrome_zpsa5e2e6de.jpg]
[Image: WadeDavisorangerefrc_zps14388892.jpg]
[Image: martinhertSPRC_zpsb32e2612.jpg]
[Image: LirianoBWMNHERTRC_zps1513abc2.jpg]
[Image: LawrieBCRC_zps0df795ce.jpg]
[Image: LawrieArchRC_zpsbfeebba4.jpg]
[Image: Kilaorangerefrc_zpsb7758b09.jpg]
[Image: JoshJohnson2002BCRC_zpsd85c5dc9.jpg]
[Image: ikexfracrc_zps83175537.jpg]
[Image: Ikerefrc_zps9d297f0b.jpg]
[Image: ikeelite08_zps334b5efb.jpg]
[Image: HosmerREFRC_zps81ae16a9.jpg]
[Image: Hellboy2010BowmanPlatPurREF_zps3821a016.jpg]
[Image: fukudomerc_zps3babb5d7.jpg]
[Image: fukudomediedutRC_zpsbe97721b.jpg]
[Image: ellsburyRC_zpsa4e28507.jpg]

[Image: Colvinwrapperred_zpse349e7c5.jpg]
[Image: BradenhertrnbwRC_zps7b42ae6f.jpg]
[Image: bradenhertRC_zps535b83b0.jpg]
[Image: boeschxfracrc_zpsfaec6486.jpg]
[Image: beckhamTCRC_zps8a305224.jpg]
[Image: beckhamBCRC_zps2b4517c6.jpg]
[Image: Bautista2002RC_zps9752a292.jpg]
[Image: armandoTCRCauto_zpsbb113bfa.jpg]
[Image: armandorefrc_zpse16ce5ac.jpg]
[Image: armandoBCREFRC_zpsbf85e764.jpg]
[Image: 2009prespredbamacain_zpsbd17421c.jpg]
[Image: chaprain4.jpg]
[Image: chaprain3.jpg]
[Image: chaprain2.jpg]
[Image: chaprain1.jpg]
[Image: chap4.jpg]
[Image: chap3.jpg]
[Image: chap2.jpg]
[Image: chapchr.jpg]
[Image: ObamanightSP.jpg]

[Image: gardnerrelic_zps02ed031a.jpg]
[Image: StantonPhotoVAR.jpg]
[Image: HowardGreenRef.jpg]
[Image: GarretJonestoppsblk60.jpg]
[Image: Canoxfrac.jpg]
[Image: martinginterrelic.jpg]
[Image: TinoBorderlessmystref.jpg]
[Image: mantlegold.jpg]
[Image: arod06flshbkref.jpg]
[Image: DiceKadbkSP.jpg]
[Image: YuPlatRC_zpsff543883.jpg]
[Image: YuginterRC_zps759e9d13.jpg]
[Image: LawrieArchRC_zpsbfeebba4.jpg]

LF 1934/1936 Diamond Stars
05 Turkey Red SPs
13 Turkey Red
12 Archives Au's
12 Archives Gold
13 Finest Master Set
Ginter mini Snakes/Fortunes/Beards/Hats/Bikes
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