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Hoping For YOUR Input/Suggestions!
01-26-2013, 01:55 PM
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Hoping For YOUR Input/Suggestions!
Hey guys,

Thanks for the warm welcome back, the great trades on the go, and the fun this board brings to me on a daily basis! It feels great to be back in the hobby again!

The sole reason I got into this Hobby was because of a great friend of mine (now a Mod). I knew nothing about the hobby, collecting, or how to even approach this all. However, with the help of him and everybody here, I've managed to gather quite the collection in the last couple of years.

With being new to the hobby, I had to learn a lot of lessons in a VERY hard way... Over paying for product, getting screwed in trades, and having a PC that involved too many teams, products and players. Oh, I've learned... haha!

So, now that I'm back home in Edmonton, and our team is absolutely amazing, it's made my PC change extremely easy... As many of you have seen I've latched to Hall, Eberle and.... Well, that's the newest problem....

I need advice on two things....

1) Dubnyk or Fistric? I have nothing for Dubnyk right now, and every one of Fistric's RCs (including the Cup Auto/Patch RC). I am aware that Dubnyk may not become a shimmering star, and Fistric isn't guaranteed to play full-time on the roster (yet), but I want a lower end player to add to my collection.... Throw me your input/suggestions on the matter.

2) The issue of trading.... So, I've done a few newer trades which pretty much turned into a massive gamble. It's hard to find people willing to give up Ebs or Hallsy cards, so I find myself trading bait for bait... Usually decreasing my new bait in the process, then getting left with cards I don't need.
With this, how should I be approaching trading to build my PC? Is doing bait for bait a good idea? Should I be holding off until I find people with PC stuff up for trade?

I know, this all sounds like "noob" questions, but I'm stumped... I don't want to continue spending money on ("A different site") if I can be trading 1-for-1... This is part of the reason I'm also contemplating a 3rd (lower end) player for my PC.

Hope to read some of your experiences/suggestions!

As always, take care of yourselves and each other!


Jordan Eberle (#/to be updated soon)
Taylor Hall (#/to be updated soon)
Fistric or Dubnyk (Don't know which yet...)
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