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Good cardboard was delivered to the house...
First some requisite Suh's, our new favorite high diver!! (dumb, dumb move but hey he's all about his "brand")

[Image: SUHTRIP50.jpg]

[Image: suhbowchro.jpg]

[Image: suhrooktixbluau.jpg]

This beaut was complete robbery!

[Image: SUHEXQ60.jpg]

More K. Smiths (hope to god we sign him again)
[Image: kstoppsltrmn10.jpg]

4/5 (technically a 1/1 cuz it's the "T" in Smith (they only made one of each letter.)
[Image: ksnameplate.jpg]

101/199 (these 2 were pack pulls. I have such luck w/ packs.)
[Image: martinelite.jpg]

[Image: osweilerelite.jpg]

Gotta luv some Mega!
[Image: calvinuc.jpg]

and 2 new adds to my almost completed 2004 SP Game Used Rookie Exclusives Au set (need 3 to technically complete it cuz 2 didn't sign I guess.)

[Image: vincewool.jpg]

This brick was also a veeeery good price.
[Image: priversspgu.jpg]

As always thank you for the peek!

Collect: RC's of Kevin Smith, Ndamukong Suh, Megatron, Kevin Jones & team collect Detroit Lions


~~~~~[Image: scan300012.jpg]~~~~~

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Good cardboard was delivered to the house... - by rds1173 - 01-23-2013, 06:24 PM

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