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Can't add same card to different collections?
01-16-2013, 02:28 PM
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Can't add same card to different collections?
I'm brand new to this, so maybe this is a learning curve issue for me. I have a folder set up for complete sets, a second folder for subsets, and a third folder for singles. I started my inventory tracking by adding all of my complete sets first, and then all of my subsets. Last night, I started working on my singles. I have a number of singles that will not add to my collections... after repeated attempts to add these cards, I came to the realization that these are cards that are already added to some of my complete sets... Am I correct in assuming that if a card already exists in one collection, that it cannot be added into another collection?

I want to be able to show that, for example, I have a Cal Ripken RC in my "Complete Sets" folder, within my "1982 Topps" collection, and then that I have a second Cal Ripken RC in my "Singles" folder, "Cal Ripken" collection. I don't want to have to refer back to my Complete Sets to show that I have a duplicate. I want to be able to keep an inventory the exact same way I store these cards... one in a set binder, one in a singles binder.

I'm hoping that someone can tell me my assumption is wrong, and that there is a way to add duplicate cards into separate collections...
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Can't add same card to different collections? - ed0508 - 01-16-2013 02:28 PM

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