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Registry Update
01-09-2013, 09:13 PM
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RE: Registry Update
(01-08-2013 02:30 AM)branesergen Wrote:  I have about 200 BGS cards and send about 30-50 every 2 months and this past week I have been thumbing thru PSA and looking at PSA cards on the bay JUST for the registry aspect of it. If this continues much longer I will be switching over to PSA. I love Beckett grading and love the Beckett community but this is out of hand. I want the fun and direction of a registry!

I'm with you, I really like the grading team and the fact that they office here in Dallas where I live and can walk into the grading office. But at some point their customer's hands are going to forced as mine have already been and yours may be. I will still use Beckett only if and when the registry is back up but I've already turned to SGC and PSA for other parts of my collection. I get no thrill out of saying that.

Twitter: @Coimbre21 - Collecting Carl Yastrzemski Topps, Jimmie Foxx, 1966 Topps Venezuelan, 2010 Topps Tribute HOF Relics & Autos, L.A. Rams Autos
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