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2 Press Pass Sportstown Blasters
12-04-2012, 01:42 PM (This post was last modified: 12-04-2012 01:54 PM by ZSDOne.)
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RE: 2 Press Pass Sportstown Blasters
(12-03-2012 12:53 PM)usafshelland Wrote:  I feel you guys, but you can't really blame the LCS for not carrying Press Pass or SAGE do to the many of us on these boards who absolutely dread getting a Press Pass or SAGE box and not getting the year's top rookie prospect (2010 - Bradford, Tebow, 2011 - Newton, 2012 - Luck or RGIII). I guess you have to pick your battles!

Great luck though with the luck...Smile

i don't blame the LCS at all - its his business and he can sell whatever he wants. i've talked to him about Press Pass and he isn't a fan of their products so he won't stock them.

i happen to like Press Pass in that they generally have good clean deisgns with plenty of room for an on-card autographs - but to each their own. i can see that it can be pretty brutal hitwise since i've picked up several of their auto cards from the 2 for $5 bin.

i figure with SAGE Hit for $40 you get four autos and what should be a full set from blasters and even if you never really seem to get anything good from them i can't resist buying them when they show up discounted - at least if the original wrapping is in place because they would be vulernable to theft of the auto cards. You really never get anything good from them (best thing i've ever pulled from one was a Jason Pierre Paul numbered to 250) but i still like them for some reason. Probably because it is one of the few retail where you feel like you are actually getting something. Plus, it feels better to get two scrub autos having spent $20 than two scrub autos having spent $100 like so many hobby boxes are these days.
(12-04-2012 12:42 PM)gjhobbs Wrote:  Funny thing about this. I live in Washington and know of a guy who does all of the pack searching and marks the boxes a certain way to know he's been there.

I don't agree with pack searching and frankly don't care about it, but it is sad when folks come to buy a few packs of cards and can't get anything because of that.

Only reason why when my kids ask to get a few packs of cards I normally will get the from the LCS (gotten more hits from LCS than Target it seems). Only problem is that the LCS doesn't sell many packs of single cards, and thier selection is limited. I'm stuck getting blaster boxes or hanging rack packs to ensure they are good packs.

I guess I'm lucky enough to not have that big of an issue with blaster boxes being cut open and stolen and such, at least not that bad at the local stores I go to.

I'm not a huge Press Pass fan, but may try a blaster box to see what I think of them.

Cheaper cards maybe, but some may still yield some good hits..

Since i'm not really a fan of "relic" cards and a big fan of autograph cards, i simply do not understand pack searching. You are lookng for a $2 memorabilia card when a $100 autograph may not show up. People even pack search in products where the hits are autograph cards.

However, some of the pack searchers do damage cards and that is not cool. It also can keep a kid from finding a hit - and while i'm of the opinion that chopping up a game used uniform is bad and the rookie premiere pointless, some of the cards are still pretty cool looking and i remember what it was like to pull a Cal Ripkin, Jr. card, Just base cards back then - this was 1982 to 1988 for the most part.
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