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2 Press Pass Sportstown Blasters
12-03-2012, 10:25 AM
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2 Press Pass Sportstown Blasters
Saw these in Target for $19.99 for one numbered rookie autograph and decided to pick up a pair. The package said "Look for the following: Retail Exclusive Versions numbered to 10" - wouldn't that be nice. Picking up the first two after confirming that they had the original unbroken wrapper and had something inside (unlike every box of the R&S Longevity there which were all emptied by thieves who left the box) - really, this shows how little Target really pays attention - the cards are right next to the register and they have cameras everywhere yet half of their boxes wind up opened and looted. So buying boxes at the local retail stores here is always a challenge if you don't get there the first day. Really, the theft of cards from retail stores is reaching epidemic levels in this area - it used to be just the Wal-Marts where half of the packages showed obvious signs of theft - now it is also the Targets. To have completely empty boxes on the shelf for sale shows that Target is not doing a very good job at stoping thefts (and i've observed multiple packsearchers there to) One box did have some visible damage on the bottom, but you could hear something move inside and the original wrapper was intact, so got it anyway. Figured it was just damaged in shipping and the card should be all right because it was a huge package for just holding one card.

Was it a good move?

And this is where not having a scanner (or a computer that has a functioning port to insert memory cards from a camera) really hurts. Because pictures speak much more than words in showing that the answer was a resounding YES!

First box - at least the first that I opened, maybe it was the second on the shelf. This was the undamaged box:

Lavonte David, Tampa Bay 6/50. A second round pick as a linebacker from Nebraska - a starter from day one. Over 100 tackles on the year and just won Defensive Rookie of the Month for December. A pretty good pull as a of 50 of one of the better defensive rookies. Now, i suppose in this type of pack the question is would you pay $20 for that card if you saw it in a LCS? This is really the question for this type of pack - defensive players tend to be worth less and Tampa isn't the most popular team in the league, but Nebraska is a major and highly popular program and David just picked up defensive rookie of the month. These cards also look awesome. From what i've seen, /50 is a relatively low numbered card for this set - it seems like a good pick up for $20. Was happy with it and its not for trade or sale.

The second box - the one with some outside damage:

Opened the wrapper on the back and saw the words "Personally signed by Andrew Luck" and was happy.

Then turned it over and saw 8/10 on the front and noted that despite the damage to the package the card was fine and was very happy.

Not only because i got the absolute best card to get from a retail box, but because my buying that box it kept the thieves and packsearches who keep hitting the Targets around here from getting an absolute monster of a retail pull.

And without question, i'd pay $20 for a cool looking Andrew Luck autograph card numbered to 10. Or even $40 which means that the Levonte David to 50 was effectively free. And a nice card it is to.

And i'm going to keep it, because Andrew Luck shows every sign of making anyone who traded or sold one of his rookie autos regret it in 10 years.

Fun fact: i have now pulled autograph cards of 2 of the past three number one NFL draft picks from the same Target store - in 2010, i got a Sam Bradford auto out of a Topps Magic Football blaster. i also got a Julio Jones auto to 10 and a 1/1 of Ryan Williams from R&S Longevity last year. But the odds that will happen next year are minimal because of the epidemic of retail theft which has hit this area - it used to be that you could trust blasters as being safe, but not anymore.
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