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Basketball takes a back seat.
11-15-2012, 02:23 PM (This post was last modified: 11-15-2012 02:25 PM by hof collector 15.)
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Basketball takes a back seat.
Am I right in assuming that basketball card collecting isn't as popular as collecting baseball and football? If so, why?

I collected baseball when I was little and occasionally collect football these days but really love basketball. When I go to hobby shops or even retail stores like Wal Mart there is easily 2-3x more baseball and football then basketball. And there are some hobby shops that sell only baseball and football. Why is it that basketball card collecting isn't more popular?

Is the Beckett forums a good indicator as to how much more popular other sports are compared to basketball? The baseball forums has 70,500 threads and 605,000 posts, the football forum has 75,000 threads and 760,000 posts while the basketball only has 20,000 threads and 160,500 posts.

Beckett had a 20 question questionnaire and one of the questions was about the popularity of each sport in collecting and basketball if I remember right was third. Which really surprises me.

I'm biased but feel it has the most appeal. In my opinion you have the most popular athlete in all of sports to collect in Michael Jordan.

Second when you talk about rookie collectors. Collecting basketball gives you a better chance of getting one of the top rookies since you have less players to choose from. With football you have 7 rounds (I'm sure they don't have a rookie card for everyone, but still) and with baseball it's a crap shoot. You could pull a crappy rookie card and 10 years later find it in a shoe box and realize the guy is a hall of famer. You just never really know, with basketball it's more of a sure thing.

This question really just springs from me seeing how much more the football and baseball boards are being used then basketball. If I am wrong about this then educate me.

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