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'86 Fleer Jordan... a serious wtf question for its critics!
11-15-2012, 02:04 PM
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'86 Fleer Jordan... a serious wtf question for its critics!
Ok first off what's up everyone! Hope you all are having a blessed day!

Now I have a serious wtf question for critics of the Jordan Fleer RC who always say "oh it's over produced and anybody can get one because look how many are on eBay" ect ect ect... Now excuse me, but maybe you guys saying that aren't old enough to remember a time before the Internet! I remember growin up in the 90's and I literally NEVER seen that card at any hobby shop or knew of anybody who owned one and I grew up meeting a LOT of people! I remember the first time I finally seen one with my own eyes I was 15 (year 2000) and I swear it was like seeing the holy grail in person! I just couldn't stop staring at it!!!! And it was raw and thinking back on it, it probably wouldn't have graded higher than a BGS 8!! But it didn't matter! It was the rookie card of Michael Freakin Jordan!!!!!!!!!!!! It's so stupid to hear haters say how overrated the card is, they obviously don't know what they're talking about because that card MADE the basketball hobby relevant & Michael Jordan himself could easily be argued as the greatest athlete EVER!!!!! Not just basketball, but EVER!!!! The reason why you see hundreds of Jordan rookies on eBay sometimes is because it's the WORLD WIDE MARKET PLACE! There are 7 BILLION people on this earth and I think it'd be safe to assume that at least half know who Jordan is/was and most all are/were probably fans!! The reason why people sell them is because we're in a horrid economy and picking up an extra 300-5000+ depending on condition sometimes needs to be done. And the reason why some don't sell is simple... Most people can't afford one at the asking price! But I tell you what, there isn't a basketball fan alive who wouldn't LOVE to own a Michael Jordan RC even if they weren't necessarily card collectors! So those of us fortunate enough to own one.... APPRECIATE IT!

Rant over : )
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'86 Fleer Jordan... a serious wtf question for its critics! - bengu - 11-15-2012 02:04 PM

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