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Phoenix 11-11-12
11-12-2012, 02:22 PM
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RE: Phoenix 11-11-12
Well, I didn't get to see any of the race live, but of course we've all seen, ad nauseum, Bowyer bump Gordon with ten laps to go, and the 24 waiting around to pile drive the 15 with seven laps left...

I appreciate Gordon standing up for himself, but that stuff Sunday was bush-league, and a Championship driver like Jeff Gordon should know better. He got bumped a bit out of position, a spot that he was not going to be able to hold, anyway, and it wrecked him...be upset, but to lay back, under a black flag, no less, and destroy the 15, the 20, almost the 2, is ridiculous.

I am not a huge Keselowski fan, but he pretty much nailed it in the post-race interview...freaking BS.

Jeff Gordon should not be allowed to even be in Homestead next week, let alone race. I think he probably needs to sit out all of the Daytona stuff to start 2013.

Of course, just my opinion...

I also think that Sam Hornish needs to be held out of Homestead next week...no need to let him wreck the field and maybe play a part in the outcome because of it...

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