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how does online trading work?
11-05-2012, 11:58 AM
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RE: how does online trading work?
Basically echoing what the above have said...

Step one - you have to enter what you have for trade into your organize and mark it for trade (there are tutorials on the help board if you need help, or just ask questions if you have any). It's admittedly a bit of a pain at first, but there are a couple big benefits - 1. It makes conducting the actual trade MUCH easier than trying to browse someone's bucket or text trade list and 2. It helps somewhat in keeping the scammers off the site (a scammer is not as likely to spend the time entering all the data).

Once you have that done, feel free to post a thread that you're interested in trading. Scans or a short list of some of your more desirable stuff will help generate interest. Also give people an idea of what you're looking for in return.

Like stera8 said, as a new trader, you're likely going to be asked to send first. BE SURE you check out your potential trade partner's feedback - it will give you an idea of how experienced the other trader is and their level of trustworthiness. All trades are done at your own risk, and there have been cases of 'good traders gone bad'...so you just need to make yourself as comfortable as possible.

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