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Nice Jordan Pickup EDIT new pics...EDIT WITH FINAL RESULT
10-24-2012, 04:27 PM
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RE: Nice Mj Pickup....Grade?
You've been around more than a day so I'm sure u wouldn't spend 3 hund on a card like that without being pretty sure it's legit...BUT,

Regardless of what i think i know compared to actual facts, one will not know unless he/she is an xpert in that area. With that said,

My first concern would be whether or not if it's even real before thinking of a grade. Not saying it isn't, but that's what I would be wondering. Hard to tell from those pics. Centering all around is off, some edge wear? Hard to tell. Can't really tell if the surface is nice or not by looking at pics anyway. Send it in and c.

Bout the back?

Good luck. Hopes it is legit and gets at least what u r hoping for.

[Image: tYoFhSD_zps824bbaff.png]
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