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President redemptions??
10-20-2012, 12:43 PM
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RE: President redemptions??
(10-19-2012 07:40 AM)acevanquish Wrote:  @Topps twitter said go to topps.com/redeem which actually redirects to redeem.topps.com If you go to the main topps page there is a tiny redeem link all the way at the bottom. You have to create a login if you have never redeemed anything before. You can enter them now. Mine worked the other day. Not even when you get to that site does it say anywhere this is the place for the presidential codes. They'll likely throw some pictures up on twitter of the winners with their cards long after many people are left without even knowing where to enter them in the first place.

It's pretty sad that a topps representative could not give you this info. I wrote them about still not receiving $10 off shoptopps from 2011 and got the "solved" email too that simply said the codes are hand entered when sent out and takes 12-14 weeks. Uhm... neat. It's been longer than that which is why I wrote in the first place. Not quite solved.

I know, I haven't recieved my coupons from the giveaways either. It has been longer than 14 weeks for me too. I figured the president codes would work after the election, but it is good to know they work now.

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