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The Players are stupid...........

RE: The Players are stupid...........
(10-18-2012, 06:48 PM)mrdub Wrote: leave it to the millionares who play games for a living, to complain they are not getting paid enough. every time a league goes on "strike" i can help but roll my eyes, its just plain out ridicolous.

What about when the owners lock them out so they can't play as a bargaining chip.

You do realize this is a lock out and not a strike, right? You know the difference, right? You know it's the owners saying "you can't play" not the players saying "we won't play"

The way I see it, any existing contract should be honoured. Otherwise, what's the point of any contract? The owners don't want to honour what their GNs signed them up for? Too bad. Fire the GM. A rollback should not, in any way, be necessary to getting this deal done. The owners made their beds and now they want to sleep somewhere else? Screw that.
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