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Grading a 1996 Score Board Auto?
10-23-2012, 03:38 AM
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RE: Grading a 1996 Score Board Auto?
grading costs way too much!! No wonder I do not send in cards...

Now, in the case of the Kobe Scoreboard card... I would send it in to get authenticated only, unless you believe you can get a grade 9 or better...

being a company that no longer exists, it would be better to authenticate it.. so if you ever do decide to sell/trade it.. you can say it is a legit auto...

now, I'm not saying that grading/authenticated companies try to cheat US Collectors, but there are a lot of authentication companies out there that fake COA's & say the auto is legit, even though it is not... you might still have somebody assuming that... there was a big time sports dealer in San Diego that got busted years ago having a bunch of Babe Ruth signed baseballs & other memorabilia... it happens all the time...

it sucks, when grading/authenticating companies get their hands dirty in bad business & try to defraud..

that is another reason, I am not a big fan of grading... you can never believe anybody...

you can tell by reading the backs of sports cards when it talks about certifying the memorabilia and/or autograph & where they came from...

the words on the back of the cards have changed so many times... In my opinion, I think some big time lawyer is telling the card manufacturers to change their "wording" in regards to how the card is labelled... If a card says a memorabilia patch was certified to card company that it was played in a NBA game... then the next question would be by who? the card never says who used it... so it is misleading... same thing with autos... where did the auto come from? who verified it was the actual player signing the card & not a relative... I know famous movie stars that have relatives sign their fan mail... I seen this happen in person.. I grew up in a town known for its stars. No, I was no rich. My parents did not make tons of money, we were poor compared to others...

I kinda got off subject & just rambling on about how companies certify their autos & memorabilia... sorry, if I got side tracked. it's late & passed my bedtime... it's 1:38am Good night Beckett.

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