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Packaging @$&!^&)#$@
10-12-2012, 12:21 PM
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Packaging @$&!^&)#$@
Recieved an auto today in the mail that I bought off peebay. Card was in a large envelope. Card was in a jersey thick top load and not sleeved. A piece of cardboard was taped around the top load, not over the top. Double sided tape was used to tape over the top. No team bag used either. The tape was not tight to protect the card from moving. Emailed the seller with the condition of the card because of the poor packaging, I couldn't get tape residue off the top of the card. I didn't try real hard at all so I wouldn't ruin the card anymore than it was. The seller's response was I got the auto for a song and I should be happy to get the auto so cheap. I emailed back, if you wanted more for the auto, you should have asked for more. Just because I got the auto cheap was no reason for your poor packaging. Of course I was pissed and explained to him what his packaging was. A lessoned learned about this seller. The value of the card and the shipping cost were not all that important to me. It was the auto I wanted. This guy is a real piece of dung.
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