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10-11-2012, 05:29 AM
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SFREINKER sorry no good verlander, GREEKGOONY didnt see anything of interest sorry man, CAMCO2 sent offer minus a couple cards that possibly going elsewhere, ELBERSON already talked to you, NUTSHELL278 didnt see anything for the lester indian head penny, might can work something out for the other two autos since they arent really worth much nor do i need them, i collect giants send an offer and i'll most likely will accept, MCGRUBER sorry dude but the Fielder GU is in a brewers uniform so i dont think you want it, AKAUS didnt see anything that popped out for me to make offer but you can always send open offer for whatever you liked of mine so i can see if i could work with you. The people that sent me offers i think i either sent counters or at least messages back about all trades, everybody else feel free to make offers or inquiries about my cards.

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