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I have a question I need help with
10-09-2012, 06:20 PM
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I have a question I need help with
As most of you know, I am no longer collecting football cards. With the exception of my remaining Sam Bradford collection, I no longer have any autographs or jersey cards. What I DO have is well over 13000 RCs, pre-drafts, parallels, plain inserts, and parallel inserts. On average, I have ~445 cards per team (most - 607 Cardinals and Rams, least - 276 Jaguars), excluding 35 Miami Dolphin (I sent all I had at the time to bakerman last year) and 174 undrafted/free agent/team logo cards. The bulk of the RCs are from the 90s, but I saved everything but the base cards from ALL my box breaks up through my last box, plus I have a few older cards (most are from buying lots of 1957 Topps while trying to complete my set) and other years too. And this doesn't even address the several thousand Packers cards I own... Anyway, almost all the RCs are sleeved, but I stopped with the more recent stuff because it got too expensive and time consuming. Finally, I do not have them in my Organizer. ANYWAY...

How do I get rid of them all?

I have been thinking about listing them on eBay, but I don't really want to add 13600+ cards to my Organizer so I can list them in my auction. Besides, they wouldn't fit in the text space! I would most likely break them down by team, but would that work if I didn't list them individually? Also, the shipping weight of each team lot means I would have to use Priority Shipping, which would be close to $10+. Is that feasible? Would YOU buy a large lot of team cards without knowing the specific cards involved, and knowing you would have to pay $10 for priority shipping?

(Sorry for the length)

[Image: sds_zpsc4ba5032.jpg]

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