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86 fleer jordan real or fake?
10-09-2012, 06:46 PM (This post was last modified: 10-09-2012 06:59 PM by jpleazme805.)
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RE: 86 fleer jordan real or fake?
I know the OP asked if the card was fake or not.... but I wanted to bring up condition.. if you are going to buy or trade for an ungraded MJ RC... then you should look at condition, because more likely you will want to send it in for grading & pray that it will receive a 9+ grade or higher....
I do not think this card would be worth sending in, if you are trying to make a profit.. & that is my opinion without looking at the card in my hand.. & assuming it is real... I am not a grader, nor have I ever send any cards in for grading... so I do not want to comment on what grade I think the card would get if it was real...

look more closely to condition... appears as if there is a crease on left side # 57 & above GO of bulls log on back of card... chipping on front of card, top right on red border..

another possible crease, but may be just a wrinkle in the pennysleeve... front of card, left side of MJ's shorts.. between two larger red blotches, which is supposed to be fans in the background...

again, why would the collector keep this card in a toploader? In my opinion, & it is an opinion only.. please do not use it as fact.. but those that want to pass off shaved cards to make them appear that they are perfect would have the card in a toploader & pennysleeve instead of a nice magnetic or screwdown hard case... because those cases are supposed to hold the card perfect, without movement... with the pennysleeve & toploader, there is no way you can tell that the edge was shaved or trimmed... unless you have the card in hand & are able to compare it to another card... hopefully, comparing it to a similar card from same set.. when looking through my 86-87 Fleer set, when I first started chasing it... I found two cards that were shaved... luckily they were commons.. but why would anybody want to shave a card, unless they are trying to pass it off as a better condition than it is....
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