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Would you pay $200 for a SPA 08-09 ANDREW BYNUM "letter"
10-12-2012, 01:49 AM
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RE: Would you pay $200 for a SPA 08-09 ANDREW BYNUM "letter"
kstjst... Thank you for the comment.. I see your point on the seller's side.. I would do the same too, but knowing to make a quick sell is in most people's mind, so they would drop the price a little..

For me, I put up my Bynum, Luke walton, & Farmar "letter" sets up on ebay, not to sell, but letting others know that are beckett members, that somebody is collecting the set & it will be hard for them to complete it also.. I've been able to pick up almost every one I've seen.. a few I paid more than I wanted, but still thought it was a fair price..

Collectors lose a lot of money busting packs, or if a player gets injured or traded, their cards might go down in price... an example is Farmar.. since he is no longer a Laker.. his cards have dropped big time, since some of his fan base no longer collect him.. same with Brandon Roy.. you can get his RC autos for very cheap.. hoping he comes back & as an all-star season.. so his cards go back up. I lost a lot of money on him.. but that's part of collecting...

Sellers are trying to make a quick buck.. they win some & the lose some.. most small time sellers, in my opinion, are going to lose most of the time... unless they have thousands of dollars to play with... I lost money buying a case of Preferred... still trying to move the cards I do not want, which were just about all of them... Best card was a Bill Russell auto /5.. which I had a hard time moving... I had to drop the price $200 just to sell it..

Sometimes, sellers will try to wait out the collector, until they give into the price... but I do not see that working very often.. because collectors will spend their money elsewhere..

I hope the seller with the Bynum "N" letter drops his price soon... if not, it will be a waiting game until another one pops up... there are 9 more out there somewhere.. I think I remember seeing 2 before, but can't remember exactly when or how many... I know I seen one shop up last year for sure.. wish me luck..

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RE: Would you pay $200 for a SPA 08-09 ANDREW BYNUM "letter" - jpleazme805 - 10-12-2012 01:49 AM

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