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I'm back!
10-07-2012, 02:49 PM
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RE: I'm back!
Heya Randi..!.. Ya I came back last year and must have read the new rules wrong, or they changed them to allow up to 100 traders in my organize. Without a subscription.
How do you see my wants?... Last time I was here i couldnt even access my organize. I waited to long and was locked out of it when they did the change. Boy was i , ummmm, i was , ummmm, lets just say mad. (lol).
I have a current rookie trade list, but with the rules i couldnt post it , as it has all my wants, and all my dupes in the sets listed. Witch would be well over the 100 I could add to my organize and post for free.
Im gonna trade a few and see how things are around here these days. If its kool, I will fork over the $20 a year member fee.
Ok well gonna go try and access my organize. Wish me luck..=0p

[Image: coollogo_com-27107460_zps7a545244.gif]
[Image: d27e1c78-63c2-44e0-8315-da67d5fa420c_zps10136b00.jpg]
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