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HOF debate: wanna hear opinions....contest as well
10-04-2012, 06:44 PM (This post was last modified: 10-04-2012 11:38 PM by dbroockerd.)
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RE: HOF debate: wanna hear opinions....contest as well
(10-04-2012 06:00 PM)alfredoleal2001 Wrote:  1. Is Craig Biggio a first ballot HOFer?
I think Biggio will get in, but not necessarily on the 1st ballot. 3000 hits, team leader etc etc.

2. Is Jeff Bagwell a HOFer?
To me he was one of the most feared batters from his era, may get into the hof but never 1st ballot.

3. The only player with 3000 hits who has been on a HOF ballot and not currently made it in is Rafael Palmiero. Is he a HOFer? Do the steroid allegations end his chances? Did he even intentioanlly use?
To me Palmeiro is a lock for the hof but the steroid issue takes him out of the race. If he gets in, then aroid, mcgwire etc all deserve to be in. You cant punish a few.

4. Does Bert Blyleven deserve to be in the HOF? He is already a hofer so some people who know abotu the game thought he was deserving of being there. so yes he should be a hofer.
5. Lastly, but certainly not least. Does my boy Frank Thomas deserve to be a HOFer?
Of course the big hurt is a 1st ballot hofer in my humble opinion. He was probably the most feared batter in his days along with griffey. His presence at home plate was frightening!!! He is a lock for the hall....

5. I have another, what about Omar Vizquel??? 24 seasons, just short of 3000 hits for a non offensive shortstop. Best in the game in fielding, how many is it?? 13 gold gloves??? thats insane!!! However, im not sure if he is a hofer or not. what do you think???

Omar? Hmmm...good one. I only mentioned guys who are on the ballot. Omar is 5 years away at least. This question no doubt arises though. Although if he gets 3000 it's a lock. By the way your right Bagwell won't be first ballot cause he's already missed that.

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