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HOF debate: wanna hear opinions....contest as well
10-04-2012, 04:03 PM
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RE: HOF debate: wanna hear opinions....contest as well
1.Biggio-- yes HOF, 3000 hit club should get him in, as well as playing several positions (a few games in the outfield). Heart of the Astros in the 90's and the top of the 2nd base position for hits and doubles for much of the decade.

2.Bagwell-- yes, HOF I'm biased but with Biggio the heart of many good Astro teams in the 90's. Numbers were deminished by three (3) broken hands or wrists from hbp... plus the short season in 94. He was a fan favorite and always good with the media this always helps when the writers cast votes.

3. Palmiero -- I'm still on the fence, the numbers equal HOF and the action (use of steriods) just does not seem to fit the character of the man. Plus why take them when you are past the 500 HR platuea and a few hits shy of 3000 (eventually passing that platuea as well) Home runs were always refered to as wall scrapers, so I am just not convinced here. The samples and testing being what they are (see Ryan Braun) I am just not sure of the whole process and how on the level it is. Esp when names are leaked but no one is supposed to have a name list because they are supposed to a number and a double blind test result.

4) Blylevin is in so the argument ends there. Deserving or not he's there and All-Star appearneces are many times about popularity and fan favorites vs the best years or part years a player is having. Many a good first half has fallen to the likes of stars of the game not having a great first half.

5) the Big Hurt gets in .... As He was the modern day Jimmy Foxx for the 90's check the nubmers and you'll see how similar they are.

Great question/contest you'll get a lot of answers.

Looking for autos of these players as well as established stars and superstars.
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