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HOF debate: wanna hear opinions....contest as well
10-04-2012, 03:12 PM (This post was last modified: 10-04-2012 03:15 PM by dbroockerd.)
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RE: HOF debate: wanna hear opinions....contest as well
(10-04-2012 03:02 PM)motu79 Wrote:  1. For Biggio, I would say yes, but it could be close. Yes, he may not have been in the post season that much, but for someone to be an All-Star at 2 different positions and have over 3000 hits deserves a 1st nod. He's also on the list with Bonds, Sosa, Clemens, Schilling, Piazza, etc... that's why I think he may or may not make it but it will be close.

2. For Bagwell, I'm leaning towards no, but as you mentioned he could be put in 10 years from now. His numbers fall short for me, only 4 all-star appearances (really only 3 great seasons), so his consistency hurts him. He was an MVP though so that helps, but overall I still think no.

3. For Palmeiro, and for every other steroid user caught (or unknowingly knew they did it), I don't think get into the Hall until after they are dead (Pete Rose is another, but that's a different topic) and even then I don't think they will. Bonds is the only player I can think of that may get in before he dies only because he was sooo great before the steroid allegations.

4. I'm still not sure how Blyleven got in. If anyone plays the game for 23 years, of course they are gonna have high numbers, but it doesn't show greatness. Only 2 All-Star appearances, but he does have the 2 WS rings, so maybe that bumped him over. I personally wouldn't have voted for him.

5. Frank Thomas in my opinion is an absolute lock for the HOF. Did anyone put more fear into a pitcher more than him during the 90's?!? .301 career average, 520+ bombs, 1700+ RBI. 2014 HOF INDUCTEE!!

So Thomas for you makes it second year on the ballot. I think your take on the steroid users is interesting. The possibility that one day they make it after they pass. I honestly never gave that a thought. I chose not to bring up Rose. Its long been discussed and it never ends well. Thanks for the opinion. You are entered in the contest.

(10-04-2012 03:07 PM)dontpray Wrote:  Biggio yes. 1st ballot. 3000 hits all get first ballot.

Bagwell yes. Top 50 in most offensive stats. Astros would be nowhere without him and biggio.
Would have massive numbers if he didn't break hand 3 times.

Blylevin. You need low level hof.

Thomas. No roids massive numbers. Made teams better. First ballot hopefully

Mussina! 100 wins 2 teams. Compared stat wise to marichal. Great career before Yankees. Only lost cy to Clemons and his needle

A little plug for Mussina. Nice! Not playing favorites are we Jeremy? While I don't think you support your answers well I appreciate the post. I'll consider letting you in the contest although you are the underlying reason be behind my post, haha. Now stay mute and lets see what these guys/gals have to say.

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