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This One's For Tyson (wickabee)
10-03-2012, 09:28 AM
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This One's For Tyson (wickabee)
Good day, Beckett Community!

As I post my new acquisitions from other member, adding to my Rookie Card PC, Tyson takes it upon himself to tell me to slow down... without giving me an explanation. Well, this comes AFTER I have made a few big trades to add to this PC! Thanks, Tyson! Tongue Haha!

There are a few trades that still need to come in, and they do involve RCs in them, plus this big one came in the other day from Doug (woody555). If you have not had the chance to trade with Doug yet, I suggest looking through his Org. to see if you can find anything that you need. He is a superb trader and takes ultimate care when it comes to shipping. He and I have very similar standards when it comes to trading etiquette.

I have also received cards from Josiah (josiahcecil) and Brian (bguzowski) which have made great contributions to my newest PCs! Thank you, gentlemen, for the outstanding trades!!! You all have my recommendation! There is also a card that came in from Panini and it's for trade, plus I double-traded for Dave Andreychuk's OPC RC:

[Image: HockeyCards032.jpg][Image: HockeyCards033.jpg]

Now for the RC's:

[Image: HockeyCards004-1.jpg][Image: NealBroten.jpg][Image: HockeyCards006-1.jpg][Image: HockeyCards007-1.jpg][Image: AlanBester.jpg][Image: HockeyCards009-1.jpg][Image: HockeyCards010-2.jpg][Image: VincentDamphousse.jpg]

[Image: HockeyCards012-2.jpg][Image: HockeyCards013-1.jpg][Image: HockeyCards015-1.jpg][Image: HockeyCards017-1.jpg][Image: HockeyCards018-1.jpg][Image: HockeyCards019-1.jpg][Image: HockeyCards021-1.jpg][Image: JamieStorr.jpg][Image: HockeyCards023-1.jpg][Image: HockeyCards024-1.jpg]

[Image: HockeyCards024-1.jpg][Image: HockeyCards025-1.jpg][Image: HockeyCards026-1.jpg][Image: HockeyCards027-1.jpg][Image: HockeyCards028-1.jpg][Image: HockeyCards029-1.jpg][Image: HockeyCards030-1.jpg][Image: HockeyCards031-1.jpg]

There is also a Top Three to this post!

#3) 1988-89 Topps-Brett Hull RC

[Image: HockeyCards002-1.jpg]

#2) 1988-89 O-Pee-Chee-Brendan Shanahan RC Graded 8.5

[Image: HockeyCards003-1.jpg]

Is it just me, or does he look a LOT like Ben Affleck?

And the #1 card that I was able to snare...
2008-09 Ultimate Collection Ultimate Patches Autographs-Eric Staal #10/25!!!

[Image: HockeyCards001.jpg]

A huge thanks to the three that I traded with! All trades were very easy and made everyone happy! Thanks for the look, and all comments are welcomed and appreciated. Best wishes!

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