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Best Practice for imaging cards on PC
10-02-2012, 10:48 PM
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RE: Best Practice for imaging cards on PC
(10-02-2012 02:19 PM)keyser soze Wrote:  I find this process easiest.

1) Scan your cards, make sure they're lined up straight because rotating them is a PITA
2) Create a card pic folder and save the files to your PC
3) Use Paint to crop each card in the scan and indivually save each one
4) Upload all of them to photobucket at one time
5) Then use Photobucket to resize them to their 320x240 setting and move to the correct Photobucket folder

Good luck and welcome back! The hobby is just as addicting now as it was then, except we (hopefully) have more money and more choices!

And if you don't want to mess with a scanner, just snap pics with your iPhone and upload them to the Photobucket app, make sure you change the upload settings to resize them to somewhere around that 320x240 or 400x400 setting

Fantastic information, Keyser! I really appreciate the help! Yes, if anything it seems more addictive with all the serial numbered and certified autograph insert cards now. Really good stuff!

- Law
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