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Any store owners here/wholesale experience here?
10-02-2012, 12:06 AM
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RE: Any store owners here/wholesale experience here?
I don't have experience with an online shop.. but did want to comment on selling singles online...

I have been selling a lot of cards lately on ebay.. since they waived the insertion fee until 2013.. I'm taking advantage of it..

I have a lot of big time ebay sellers, trying to talk me into lowering my prices or buy offline (which I would not do, since you still get hit with paypal fees & you're not protected under ebay/paypal policies)..

The sellers that have contacted me, are usually interested in my "sets" or "lots".. they want to buy them for very cheap & then turn around & break the set up & sell off the singles... One guy did this with my Ultimate Signatures 2006-07 set... I lost about $300-400 selling that set too, after dropping my price, then getting hit with paypal fees...

Everybody wants to buy stuff for dirt cheap, then resell it... I've had a couple RC AUTO cards that I sold for what I thought was a good price.. only to find out, the buyer, turned around & relisted for almost twice as much... or got it graded & then trying to get a $1,000 for the card, when I sold it for a few hundred...

there are thousands of sellers searching ebay to buy cards for extremely cheap, then resell them for profit... I think this is too much of a gamble, if you do not have a lot of money to play with, because you never know when you will lose that gamble....

When it comes to selling boxes/packs online... it is extremely hard to compete with the two enormous internet sellers that were mentioned before.. they buy in bulk... & sell cheap!!

but I do believe that they do play with the boxes.... like with Fleer Retro... one week, they are selling at reasonable prices, then they say they sold out. only to get some the next day & sell for almost double the price...

I understand supply & demand, but where are these bigtime dealers getting their products from? I would think, the manufacture directly.. no middleman...?? now, where is that price increasing coming from, if it is not the manufacturer raising the prices? Which I do not think they should be doing!! Since they are the manufacturer & not a dealer... they make a profit, they release the wholesale price, & they sell every case at that original WSP, until the product is completely gone... they don't hide product, & release it later down the road... with a higher cost...

manufacturers should not care about manipulating the cost of the product.. but I believe they do... making it hard for small time internet sellers to compete with the Power Sellers..

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