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I think i bought a fake auto :(
09-28-2012, 10:09 PM
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RE: I think i bought a fake auto :(
If it would help, buy another total scrub auto from the same set, and that way you can compare the texture, surface, weight, etc., of both cards side by side ...

It would be pretty difficult to fake both the auto and the card.

I think you're good, I really do ... he's got the kind of loopy sig that's bound to wiggle a little bit from time to time.

Who knows, maybe it's one of the last ones he signed from that particular set, and maybe there was a whole bunch of stacks of more cards to sign, so he just buzzed through the last few or something.

If it's got the COA from Panini on the back, I actually think your card is pretty sweet because it's unique.

I was looking at a hockey thread not too long ago where a guy collects Penguins IP autos, and he happened to get Crosby at a hotel ... the auto looked NOTHING like his normal sig, but the guy was stoked because he finally got the big one.

I'm just saying, who knows what these guys are doing/talking to/looking at while they're signing thousands of these things at a time.

I've got a crazy idea ... I pulled a Gronk auto from a Press Pass SE blister at Walmart a couple of years ago (one of those one auto per pack, one pack per blister things for like 9.99) ...

If you really don't want the card — AND it has the Panini COA on the back — I'll trade you mine for it.

If you're interested, PM me and I'll pull it this weekend ... RJ
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