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Best Non Football Card in your collection?
10-08-2012, 09:58 AM
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RE: Best Non Football Card in your collection?
(10-07-2012 12:17 AM)spazmatastic Wrote:  Nothing that you'd trade it to me for! Tongue
The best things I pulled from '08 Icons FB boxes was a Walter Payton Lettermen and a Tom Landry Lettermen. Neither was an AU'd one. I was just hoping to pull ANY Ed O'Neill Lettermen card. AU'd or not, it would've been fine with me.
I nailed it the next year though. I bought 1 hobby box of '09 Icons MLB and pulled exactly what I wanted-- an Ozzie Smith Lettermen card (still not an AU) but #'d to 40 per letter. BUT, I also pulled a Buster Posey RC AU card in the same box. I traded the Buster to get my 20-year-long white whale, an Ozzie Smith 1979 Topps RC in really good condition (plus several other cards). I'm pretty sure the Ozzie RC would grade at an 8 or better if I sent it in to BGS.

yeah, the icons were a fun product. pulled a couple of barry sanders, a letterman and a low# jsy from same box. nice score on your ozzy rc whale, i would have loved to have the posey though... go giants!!! i will remember your interest in my ed card, who knows, it may end up in your hands in the future.

BECKETT SUPER COLLECTOR MAY 2010. COLLECTING KURT WARNER & MARSHALL FAULK. also looking for: tom nutten, fred miller, any card. view my warner/faulk collection at: http://www.photobucket.com/collectrams
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