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Easiest way to remove recently traded??
09-27-2012, 01:28 PM (This post was last modified: 09-27-2012 02:22 PM by ricebondsmntna2young.)
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RE: Easiest way to remove recently traded??
Instead of manually removing 8 pages of cards by clicking 'X' on every single one, try this:

1) Create a new collection named "AABB." Starting with capital "A" puts the temporary collecton at the top of all lists making it easy to find.

2) Go into "Recently Traded" and choose 'Select Entire Collection' in order to select all 8 pages of cards.

3) Choose the 'Move To' option (NOT 'Add To') from the dropdown menu in order to move all 8 pages of cards into "AABB" at once. Your "Recently Traded" collection should now be empty. Everything has been moved into "AABB" while preserving any other tags - like "Strict PC" or "Awesome Traders" - that you already had on those cards.

4) Mouse over to the left, Right-Click "AABB" from your list of collections, and Left-Click 'Delete.' Now, only cards with multiple tags remain in your Organize. You'll find them only in whatever other collections you put them in because "AABB" no longer exists and "Recently Traded" is empty.

Other Info:

a) Any name for your temporary collection will work but I suggest starting with a capital "A" so it'll appear near the top of the 'Move To' drop-down. That way, you won't have to scroll down and look for it when it comes time to move stuff.

b) If you select 'Add To' instead of 'Move To' by mistake, then all you'll do is add yet another label to your cards.


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