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Why is Organize so "Disorganized"?
09-26-2012, 08:50 AM
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RE: Why is Organize so "Disorganized"?
(09-25-2012 09:59 PM)jacobystealshome Wrote:  2 things you can do:

create a new folder...call it whatever you want ("all items sortable")
go to all items folder, select the collection, then add it to the new folder

boom: everything is in order

two: sort by manually changing the web address

this is the way to do it by price. however, the same idea can be used to change it by description

ort Prices High to Low:

All Items:




Recently Traded:




Recebtly Added:





[http: //www.beckett.com/organize/#c=3000002]



Ignore the brackets, they are just there to disable the command.

Each collection has a code number.
For All Items it is 0
For recently added it is 3000000
For recently traded it is 3000001
For trash it is 3000002

Each collection is assigned a different number. It is found in the command line at the top of the page.

Copy and paste this portion onto the end of the command line.


And then change the two numbers to match the number in the beginning of the command line.


And then press enter and it will sort the prices high to low.

Back at it again... Didn't even try changing it a little bit to make it look like you might have figured this out.
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