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AWESOME 4 Boxes Chrome & Mega Mailday
08-26-2012, 10:28 AM (This post was last modified: 08-26-2012 10:29 AM by dbacks08.)
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AWESOME 4 Boxes Chrome & Mega Mailday
Yeah... I went on a rampage at my LCS today and cracked four boxes of 2012 Topps Chrome because I have been saving up for a chance to get out there. The first one was the 1-per-3-hobby-cases HOT box with all refractors inside. It was pretty awesome... the only card from that box that was not a refractor was one of the two autos (the other auto was a sepia parallel). Without further ado... pictures!

In addition to the below, the hot box put me at 104/220 refractors (47.3%), I got 177/220 base (80.5%), and 17 X-fractors.

Die cuts: Ortiz, Bautista, Strasburg
[Image: Aug25Mailday11.jpg]

Lavarnaway and Parker autos, Derek Lowe black #045/100
[Image: Aug25Mailday12.jpg]

Clockwise from top left: Milone, Romine, Pomeranz, Mesoraco regular autos
[Image: Aug25Mailday5.jpg]

Eric Surkamp auto
[Image: Aug25Mailday6.jpg]

Liam Hendricks & Clayton Kershaw blue ref /199
[Image: Aug25Mailday10.jpg]

Giancarlo Stanton black ref 060/100
[Image: Aug25Mailday9.jpg]

Tom Milone gold ref 04/50
[Image: Aug25Mailday8.jpg]

Yonder Alonso sepia auto 23/75
[Image: Aug25Mailday7.jpg]

Robinson Cano sepia 75/75
[Image: Aug25Mailday4.jpg]

Tim Lincecum red ref 21/25
[Image: Aug25Mailday3.jpg]
Oh, and these two which wouldn't fit in the last post lol

Yu Darvish black ref 099/100
[Image: Aug25Mailday2.jpg]

Mike Trout blue ref 192/199
[Image: Aug25Mailday1.jpg]
Really excited about this mailday... I got a LOT of cards!

First, the one I've been waiting for for a month now since I sent in the redemption (which wasn't allowed for the July COTM contest, but I hope it gets into August!) - my Mike Schmidt/Chipper Jones dual auto #07/25:
[Image: Aug25Mailday15.jpg]

Pulled this beauty #05/15 out of "pack wars" at my LCS today:
[Image: Aug25Mailday17.jpg]
[Image: Aug25Mailday18.jpg]

Some random Giants from a LiveCaseBreak.com break:
[Image: Aug25Mailday28.jpg]

And a whole bunch of Allen & Ginter:
[Image: Aug25Mailday19.jpg]
[Image: Aug25Mailday20.jpg]
[Image: Aug25Mailday22.jpg]

Guys in Hats "The Bowler"
[Image: Aug25Mailday21.jpg]
Clockwise, from top left: Michael Phelps relic, Bob Hurley Sr. relic, Bob Knight 4-color relic, Al Unser Sr. relic
[Image: Aug25Mailday23.jpg]
[Image: Aug25Mailday24.jpg]
[Image: Aug25Mailday25.jpg]

Clockwise from top left: Lowrie, Longoria, Cueto relics
[Image: Aug25Mailday26.jpg]

Left: Marty Hogan auto
Right: Dale Webster auto
[Image: Aug25Mailday27.jpg]

*Please note that in all of my future trades, I will require extra time to ship. I have no adequate transportation to a post office. If you don't want to wait, please do not trade with me.*
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