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tons of Diecast and Autos
07-29-2012, 01:14 AM
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RE: tons of Diecast and Autos
(07-28-2012 10:57 PM)spazmatastic Wrote:  Also, @ Shelby---you shouldn't remove his original message. Just post your message above his (usually done in bold by the MOD's). I know you are new to the Beckett MOD position and are still figuring it out, but to completely blank his OP doesn't help much.
This is not meant in any ill-manner or otherwise. I am just stating the fact. The few of us on the NASCAR forum always look out for each other and would let Pawpaw know what he needed to do before anything happened with this thread.
I truly think this is the tightest-knit group of collectors on the entire Beckett site. We always talk about many things going on in the threads, even if no one sees it in the forum. PM's flow frequently amongst the Racing fans.

I would normally agree but I myself have tried to deal with pawpaw and told him exactly want needs to be done multiple times on other forums and through pm's and he refuses to "play by the rules" so Im glad shelby shut him down.
Pay for the opg or the org, your choice. then add them to your org. Not hard at all. We all have to do it to make deals here.
Im not trying to dog him but enough is enough. Get on board or jump ship...

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