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2012 Ignite Tony Stewart
07-25-2012, 11:38 PM
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2012 Ignite Tony Stewart
So, I have been busy with work and personal stuff, but when I am idle, I get ideas, and this is one of them (not the biggest idea I am working on, but still pretty cool, I think).

I traded for a few 2012 Ignite Tony Stewart cards, and started wandering on eBay for some others, and ended up with this little collection:

[Image: 2012Ignite.jpg]

I have the Magenta base proof incoming, but I can not find the B/W proof /50 and I lost the Yellow base proof auction (I thought I had bid enough, but I could not watch the end and got sniped).

[Image: 2012Ignite0001.jpg]

Completed the Top Speed base Rainbow, though.

[Image: 2012Ignite0002.jpg]

The /99 RU parallels are tough to find...but I was able to snag that sweet 3-color patch Silver that is a lot nicer than most of the /99 I have seen...not as nice as mine, though...

[Image: 2012Ignite0003.jpg]

The Red is 5/5 and I scored big on it, as I got it for a real good price. The base auto is not numbered, and the Gun Metal is 19/20.

I have missed out on a few of the Double Burner cards because of not being willing to spend enough...but I had to curtail it somewhere, I guess. But I am looking for those next.


Looking for:
2012 Total Memorabilia Tony Stewart
Dual /5
Hot Rod Relics 1/1
Jumbo 1/1
Quad 1/1
Triple 1/1

05 Studio Portraits Bob Feller

I collect these guys:
[Image: sig2_orig.png]
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