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What to Expect?
07-12-2012, 03:46 PM
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Question What to Expect?
I've recently been looking into getting some cards graded. After doing some research on both PSA and Beckett, it appears Beckett would have a more reliable and accurate scoring for newer cards.

My main concern, though, is what to really expect as a grade. The terms NM and M are used so commonly together that purchasing a card in prospect of getting it graded seems undesirable. Just to prove my point, I had a card seller on eBay tell me his cards were NM to M condition, but he couldn't guarantee that they would be worthy of being graded. I am well aware that the BGS appears to be the most particular. I don't expect to get a 10 on any of my cards.

Here are my questions:

1) If I purchase cards said to be in NM/M, what grading should I expect? Do sellers regularly under grade their cards to not get the buyers hopes up?

2) Who should I purchase cards from, a store or another collector? Price is not much of an issue, but rather the quality.
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