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LeBron GU/Jersey/Patch PC (scan heavy)
07-06-2012, 07:12 PM
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LeBron GU/Jersey/Patch PC (scan heavy)
Here is most of my LeBron Jersey PC:

[Image: photo1-4.jpg]
[Image: photo2-4.jpg]
[Image: photo3-4.jpg]
[Image: photo4-3.jpg]
[Image: photo5-1.jpg]
[Image: photo1-5.jpg]
[Image: photo2-5.jpg]
[Image: photo3-5.jpg]
[Image: photo4-4.jpg]
[Image: photo5-2.jpg]
[Image: photo1-8.jpg]
[Image: photo2-8.jpg]
[Image: photo3-8.jpg]
[Image: photo4-7.jpg]
[Image: photo5-5.jpg]
[Image: photo1-6.jpg]
[Image: photo2-6.jpg]
[Image: photo3-6.jpg]
[Image: photo4-5.jpg]
[Image: photo5-3.jpg]
[Image: photo1-7.jpg]
[Image: photo2-7.jpg]
[Image: photo3-7.jpg]
[Image: photo4-6.jpg]
[Image: photo5-4.jpg]
[Image: photo-2.jpg]

Thanks for looking...

I collect LeBron, Jordan, Kobe and anything that catches my eye.
[Image: SU1BRzAxODMtMS5qcGc-1.jpg]
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